These are some audio projects i've worked on.

3D tracking and motion graphics assignment.

Title: Modern Clawfare.

I tracked the 3D claw and also made the music and sound effects. That's also me in the video.

The fantastic editing and motion graphics work was done by my partner Anthony Sae-Jang.
Check out some of his work here:

F.I.T Promo Video

Video Coming Soon!

I was asked by a tutor from university to produce some background music for a promotional video featuring works from various multimedia and games development graduates.

Studio Game Music

Title: Meta


Meta is a platformer that makes fun of many popular games as the main character tries to escape different worlds in order to find one more challenging. I made all the music and sound effects but here are my favourite tunes from the game.

Level Two

Level Four

Menu FX

Title: Black, White and Red all over.


Black, White and Red all over is 1st person murder clean up game, where the player is a hitman's hired cleaner and has to clean up a crime scene within a certain time limit. This game was programmed to be compatible with Oculus Rift and it works very very nicely.

Intro/Menu Music



In the meantime, why dont you check out my soundcloud page: